Manchester City news: Wayne Rooney hails Fernandinho as Premier League leaders‘ key man

Forget David Silva, Kevin de Bruyne, Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling and the rest… Manchester City’s key man is Fernandinho.

That’s the verdict of Wayne Rooney, who says the Brazilian is the man who makes Pep Guardiola’s men tick.

Rooney insisted: “You go through the players and the one that stands out who has improved so much is Fernandinho.

“He gives the other players license to go and play, and go and express themselves, and I think sometimes those [sort of] players go under the radar a bit.

“Without those players, the likes of Silva and De Bruyne start worrying about what is behind them if they lose the ball. They haven’t got that protection, but Fernandinho gives them great cover.”

Listen to the full interview – when Alan Brazil met Wayne Rooney – at 10am on Sunday morning

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